All Around The World Tours

Now world become smaller and travelling  all around the world become easier and more convenient. We can tailor  make  your experience or adventure exactly how you want it to be.   Taking  you all over the world with an exciting itinerary such as Greenland or Antartica  ?  Ushuaia or Alaska  ?  Machu Picchu or Salar de Uyuni  ?  You just mention it and no matter how far the destinations are, or the dream places you wish to visit, we are ready to accomplish and touch down your  travelling desire.

MICE Events

To make the successful MICE Event meant giant step with value added for bright future of a company. With over a decade of experience in developing MICE Event, you can be assured that every element of your event will be carefully professionalized to your wishes, needs and budget. Let us be your reliable partner for any Meeting, Exhibition, Gala Dinner, Awarding Night or any special events.

Exotic Dreams Cars Tour

Are you a Ferrari or Lamborghini lover ? Are you looking for unforgettable moment in live ? You will experience the thrill and excitement of world’s greatest cars, a handpicked selection of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martin and more. As you pilot each magnificent vehicle along the highways or mountain roads they were designed to live on. Whether you are young or old, male, female, married or single, the Exotic Dream Car Tours is lifetime experience you won’t forget.

Harley Davidson, BMW Motorrad and Big Motorcycles Tour

Riding Harley Davidson with a group of friends can be really delightful and wonderful moment.  In South America, Alaska, Africa, East Europe or Himalaya, we are expert to arrange any big motorcycles tour whenever you want to explore.  Don’t worry about the motorcycles, itinerary, meals and where to stay, but just relax and we are ready to do for you. All tours will be lead by experienced guide and reliable road captain.

Cycling Tour

One World, Two wheels and from short city cycling excursion to world class road or mountain riding. We are happy to arrange any kind of any cycling tours on every type of terrain for all ages and experiences

Company Incentive Tour

More than a tour, an incentive tour must design very specific meet to the company’s culture. Create business man become more successful, help motivate employees and partners to increase certain activity to reach a goal and improve profit. We are a travel company expert that capable arranging programs for all types of incentive tours, such as sales promotions for customers or dealers, reward programs for employees. We can adjust your special need, budget, and detailed itinerary.

Adventure Tours

Because you want to live it, taste it, try it, learn it and bring what you offer to it. An adventure travel brings you closer to the world, its people, their culture and their way of live. Our advice of your adventure tour will full of exploration and entertainment. We can tailor make and offer exciting activities trekking, climbing, rafting, nature walks and camping amidst wilderness. No matter of age, when you love it, so adventure is suitable for any energetic and adventurous person.

Pre-Wedding Photography Tours

A wedding is the happiest time of your life and pre wedding’s photo play a large part for the one moment in one couple’s life. We will take you for the most beautiful & unforgettable pre-wedding photography with magnificent instragrammable photo to any part of the world.

Worldwide Cruise Tours

By the cruise ship, you can experience even more of the most beautiful places of the seven seas and six continents. Just prepare the time and cruise tour will take you to Alaska, Carribean, South America , Mediterranean, Baltic Sea or Fjord of Norway in Scandinavia ?

Inbound Tours & Domestic Indonesia Tour

Lets explore the wonderful & beautiful island of Indonesia with beauty of scenic natural landscapes blended with various unique culture of its people. Enjoy the untouched beaches, mountains, lakes and many more pleasing destinations as well as the city skylines throughout the country. A visit will not be enough to embrace the wonders of Indonesia.

International & Domestic Ticketing

Matari Travel is an IATA Accredited Travel Agent that have ability to provide the real time flight reservation through Online CRS (Central Reservation System), managed by friendly professional staff and excellence service with securing the best priced. Completed with 24 Hours Online Booking and after office hour service assistance, we are always ready at your service more than a travel partner.

Worldwide Hotel Reservations

Compared our hotel price and get the special deals, save time & money on your accommodation. Equipped with Online Hotel Reservations Service always accompany your traveling needs.

Visa and Documents Arrangements

Passport & Visa are important identity document issued by government or international treaty organization to facilitate the movement of individuals or small group of persons across international boundaries, following international agreements. Please welcome to consult any question of travel documents.